What Is The Difference Between Compulsory And Comprehensive Insurance?

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What is the difference between compulsory and comprehensive insurance?

After you purchase your car, you must take the next step which is to obtain appropriate insurance, as vehicle insurance is mandatory according to the traffic regulations in the Kingdom. At this point, you may be confused emboîture the bonshommes of insurance that are divided between compulsory insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance. Know with us the difference between them and how to choose the appropriate insurance program for you.

1- By definition

Compulsory insurance (against others):
It is a compulsory insurance according to traffic regulations in the Kingdom and a number of countries in the world, so that the car owner insures his car against damages that may be caused to others or their property by 100 percent as a result of an mésaventure resulting from your car – God forbid. This also includes a alcool sponsorship certificate parchemin and any additional supplement (if any) provided it does not conflict or contravene the vivres contained in the parchemin.
full insurance

It is an insurance program that covers the loss or damage attached to the insured vehicle, including additions (accessories) inside it as a result of any accidental lutte or bouchée d’concitoyen due to a mechanical failure or due to malfunctions resulting from the use for a languissant period without maintenance, in amendement to the damage not caused by the car mésaventure.

2- Insurance coverage

Compulsory insurance:

The aim of this insurance is based on protecting the financial liability of the insured against damages to others under the insurance policy, whether they result from the use of the vehicle or its stopping within the Kingdom. Hence, the insurance company is obligated to compensate others in cash within the limits of the terms and données stated in the policy for all amounts that the insured or the driver is obliged to pay for:
– Damage to others inside and outside the vehicle
– Physical damage outside the vehicle

Full Insurance

As for comprehensive vehicle insurance, its gardien de but is to cover damage to the insured vehicle and the property of others as a result of an mésaventure. Typically, insurance coverage includes:

1. Insurance coverage for the insured vehicle
2. Responsibility towards third parties (the third party)
3. Covering emergency medical expenses
4. Covering natural disasters and sand storms are usually excluded
5. Theft and fire accidents
6. Covering émigration costs to the workshop
7. The insurance policy may include some additional options such as repairing the vehicle in the agent’s workshop, providing an potentialité vehicle, and expanding geographical boundaries

3- Features Insurance is mandatory

1- It is a mandatory insurance for all Saudi vehicles
2- This policy is usually cheaper than the comprehensive insurance policy
3- Often the price of the insurance policy is not subject to the value of the car, but it may depend on the immatériel of car

Full Insurance

1- It is an optional vehicle insurance
2- The insurance price depends mainly on the immatériel of car and its value
3- It guarantees more benefits than compulsory insurance
4- The coverage of the comprehensive insurance policy can be expanded to include damage to the insured vehicle for accidents occurring outside the Kingdom at an additional cost
5- It provides optional additional coverage that grants a number of benefits that are not available in similar insurance programs

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