Steps To Complete A Car Insurance Claim

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Steps to complete a car insurance claim

If you are involved in a car accident – God forbid – you must fill out the car insurance claim form to compensate for the damages resulting from the car accident covered by the insurance policy. Where the claim is settled with the insurance company contracted with according to the conditions established by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

Steps to complete a car insurance claim

1. Enter information about the car owner and the insurance policy

The insurance policy number of the insured
The amount of compensation in Saudi riyals
The type of claim is among these options: vehicle, injuries, fire, property, mortality, etc.
Owner’s name and identification number
Owner’s mobile number
Mail Box / Code and Email
The driver’s name and the vehicle driver’s identification number
Is the driver the owner of the vehicle or not?
Driver’s birth date [What documents are required to file a third-party vehicle insurance claim?]

2. Add information and description of the accident details

City / location of the accident
The date and time of the accident
The accident was caused by a star or another
The accident report number issued by the competent authority to initiate the accident, along with the third party vehicle plate number
The claimant’s liability ratio
Describe how the accident occurred

3. Approval of acknowledgment and acceptance of the insurance company’s rights – specific to the third party’s claim
This paragraph includes the bank account data of the vehicle owner and several points that the claimant must approve, as follows:

The insurance company is completely exonerated and fully discharged if the due compensation amount is legally received in accordance with the placement estimates and the terms of the policy.
Granting the insurance company the right to inquire from the competent authorities accredited by the institution about all information related to the accident or any previous incidents
Grant the insurance company the right to provide that information and my claims to the government agencies or other companies licensed by the institution.
The data of the claimant is mentioned, in addition to signing it by agreeing to the validity of the mentioned data

4. Attach the required documents to the claim form

Can the insurance company reject the submitted claim?

The insurer is obliged to inform the applicant in writing of the acceptance or rejection of the claim. In the event of accepting the claim, the insurer is obliged to clarify the amount of compensation and how to reach it, but when the claim is rejected, the insurer is bound to the following:

Provide the claimants with the reasons for rejection
Inform the claimant of the possibility of submitting his claim to the committees for settling insurance disputes and violations.
Provide the claimants with a copy of the documents and documents in support of the insured’s decision in the event that the claimant requests this in writing from the company.

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