Do You Know Your Rights With The Insurance Company?

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Do you know your rights with the insurance company?

Your rights with insurance companies:

Treat with credibility:

Insurance companies must deal reliably by fulfilling their financial and legal obligations in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and provide special services to their clients, especially low-income, elderly, and people with special needs, from both sexes.

Transparency and clarity:

Disclose all rights and obligations of each party in the insurance relationship, and provide detailed explanation of the information related to the insurance product or service, such as premiums, commissions, types of risks, and features of the insurance policy.

Educate customers:

Carrying out several educational initiatives and programs to increase awareness and spread insurance culture among its current and future clients to help them understand the risks and make correct decisions that meet their financial and insurance aspirations.

Professional in doing business:

The employees of insurance companies must adhere to the instructions and deal professionally with clients in a manner that suits their insurance interests.


Insurance services and products must be provided to insurance company clients without distinction as to race, sex, or religion.

Fraud protection:

The insurance company is primarily responsible for the interests of clients and beneficiaries, and accordingly the insurance company is obligated to apply the highest security standards to monitor insurance operations and protect them from fraud or unlawful use.

Keep customer information confidential:

Protecting customer financial, personal and insurance information and using it for specific professional purposes and with the customer’s consent, and not to disclose that information to any other party without prior permission from the institution except the relevant authorities.

Address complaints:

Providing effective and easy-to-use methods and methods for its customers to submit their complaints, and enables the company to follow up and address complaints without delay in accordance with the regulations, regulations and instructions issued by the institution and the relevant authorities.

Increased degree of competition:

Insurance companies should work to provide the best products and services of the highest quality and lowest price in a manner that is commensurate with the needs of the market and the desires of customers without violating the regulations, regulations and instructions.
Obligation of service providers on behalf of the insurance company:
Ensuring the commitment of the contracting parties with the company to provide its services on their behalf in a manner that guarantees the interest of the clients. The insurance company is the primary and primary responsible for monitoring and controlling the actions and procedures taken by these bodies.

Conflict of interest:

Establish a written policy regarding conflicts of interest, specifying the necessary procedures in the event of any potential conflicts of interest, while ensuring fair dealing with all clients, and disclosing to its clients about any potential conflicts of interest between them and any other party, as required by relevant regulations, regulations and instructions .

Adequate resources:

Employing trained cadres and providing the necessary financial and operational resources to carry out their work and serve their clients efficiently in all regions of the Kingdom.

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