6 Steps Insurance To Follow In Case Of Any Traffic Accident

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6 steps insurance to follow in case of any traffic accident

Traffic accidents are one of the worst situations that road users may be exposed to, as they cause damage to vehicles as well as the damage that they may cause to individuals according to the severity of the accident. Such situations require prudence and wisdom in dealing with taking the necessary steps to avoid legal accountability and preserve the rights and safety of everyone who was a party In the accident.

6 steps to follow in case of any traffic accident

Make sure everyone is safe

Try to calm down and calm the companions, so that you can handle the situation well. After that make sure that there are no injuries in the car, then make sure the safety of the passengers in the other car, and in the event that you notice passers-by during the accident, make sure of their safety as well. If the vehicle cannot get out, the warning lights must be turned on, be seated, and the seat belt removed, not removed. If the traffic accident is simple, turn the engine off and put the warning sign triangle at a good distance from the vehicle, to preserve your safety and that of road users.

Not leaving the accident site

Leaving the driver to the accident site before the traffic police attend and editing an accident report may cause additional violations or fines. So they must stay on site and provide assistance to the injured until the ambulance or the police come. The vehicle can be moved during minor traffic accidents in two cases: if the accident is clear-cut, and the participating parties have agreed on how it occurred, or if the vehicle’s location represents a threat to public safety or obstruction of road traffic.

Reporting the accident and calling an ambulance

Contact Najm if you have a valid insurance policy on the unified number for customer service. Traffic must be contacted if one of the cars involved in the accident is not insured, or if there are injuries, deaths, fire, or a criminal accident, or that the accident was caused by natural disasters, or occurred outside the geographic coverage of Najm. After that make sure to get the case number to facilitate the review while performing the claim procedures from the insurance company.

Data collection

You must have the necessary details to enable the police and ambulance to reach the site as quickly as possible such as the civil registry number, mobile number, car number, vehicle type, insurance policy number, name of the insurance company, and accident site, and any distinct or distinctive signs of the accident site.

Submit official documents

In the meantime, you must have the necessary official documents to avoid exposure to any traffic violation such as a vehicle driving license, a valid driving license, a valid and unfinished insurance policy and a vehicle driving license, if the vehicle is owned by a company.

Compensation claim procedures

A vehicle insurance claim form must be submitted with the documents supporting the claim attached, in order for the insurance claim to be settled and compensation for the car accident losses covered by the insurance policy, in accordance with the conditions established by the Monetary Agency. Learn steps for filling out a car insurance claim

These steps guarantee you the rights of the insured to settle the insurance claim for damages resulting from the accident under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and in accordance with the instructions and controls of the institution. If you are not satisfied with the compensation amount, you can discuss the matter with the compensation company.

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